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MLB Trade Rumors: 10 Hot Names Making The Rounds

June 16th, 2010
As we inch closer and closer to Major League Baseball's trade deadline at the end of July, the rumors will start flying fast and furious. There have already been a few rumors shot down in the last few weeks, including one that was about to send an ace to a team that wouldn't have any way of picking up his remaining salary because of their financial trouble. Why some of these rumors get started is beyond me, but that's what makes baseball, and the trade deadline, fun. We can talk about players, possible moves that our teams should or shouldn't make and how those potential trades could affect said team in the playoff race. So who are the hot names making the rounds on the rumor sheets right now? I'm glad you asked, let's get to it.

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Indiana Pacers: Options for the 2010 NBA Draft

June 12th, 2010
The Indiana Pacers had an okay draft last year. Tyler Hansbrough has a few years to prove himself, and A.J. Price has stepped up big. But that was until he busted himself at a charity game. The 2009 Draft was successful off of trades. They got Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert out of that. Rush has one more year to prove himself until he is considered a bust, and like Pace Miller said in his post: that's being too generous. But Hibbert has stepped up big in has last two years and can turn into one of the most dominant centers in the league. The 2008 NBA Draft was probably the best recent draft. How can you not say it is the best when Indy drafted their superstar for the future in Danny Granger? Now, a new draft awaits, as the Pacers have a lot of options to choose from. Who shall it be? Let's take a look at the players and options that Indy can do.

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Golden State Warriors: Do Not Trade Anthony Randolph!

June 11th, 2010

With people and even apparently the Warriors front office thinking about trading Anthony Randolph, my first reaction was, "Oh, hell noooooo!"

After giving it more thought, I remain somewhere between stupefied, angry (that this would even be mentioned), and frightened that we might mortgage our future.

I think maybe some people are proposing trades of Randolph because they forget what we have here. Here are a couple of clips to remind you.

Here is Anthony vs. Utah:

Here is just a combination clip:

Hopefully, these clips reminded everyone of what we might have been able to forget over the last few months where a badly sprained ankle took out Randolph.

The kid can play and can dominate for stretches. Let me remind you all that he is just 20 (not baseball "20," but a legit 20), that he has put on muscle each of the last two years, he works hard in practice and if anything plays too hard during games, and has a shot that is coming along.

And we want to trade him why?

Apparently we are giving up this amazing basketball specimen to move up two spots to get DeMarcus Cousins, straight up for the No. 4 pick in the draft, or for Kevin Love and change. If they gave us Love and the No. 4 pick I would do it, but they are not. I would maybe do it if they offered Maggette and Randolph for Jefferson and the No. 4.

Love is a very good player. He is a plus-rebounder, an efficient scorer, great passer, and has 3-point range. But he is a bad defender and is already finding his ceiling as a player. Cousins, who I assume we want at No. 4, was one of the most dominant college players ever, but has attitude problems like "sometimes I don't want to play hard, play defense," and takes bad shots. Even with that, I would love him if he dropped to us and would give up some talent to get to the No. 4 pick... just not Randolph.

Imagine a healthy Randolph next year playing with Curry. Slamming home alley oops. Emerging as what he is destined to become—a combination of Kevin Garnett, Josh Smith, and Lamar Odom.

I can be super excited about watching the Warriors with, for me at least, the most exciting Warrior still on the team. Loving Anthony Randolph is a little like loving the Warriors. Anybody can love the Lakers with their incessant winning, but it takes a true fan to watch a team develop. I was watching the Warriors as an avid fan for over a decade before "We Believe." It just made it so much sweeter.

In the same way, it has been a joy to watch Randolph play. I am always willing to go to a game he is playing in, just to watch him. I can take losing if we have a young core to develop, but if I have to watch the most excitingly gifted Warrior I have ever seen leave town, it will be harder than the decade of losing.

In Anthony Randolph I trust.

2010 NBA Draft: Surprises That Might Shake Up the NBA Draft

June 7th, 2010
While NBA fans across the nations view in on the NBA finals, I'm looking at the possible trades that can happen via the 2010 NBA draft or possibly big surprises. The draft order is set, and then there are teams with reported interest of possibly trading their pick if needed. I've heard of many trade possibilities, and some crazy speculations. However, before the draft, craziness will ensue. You have the free-agency market that will possibly shake the NBA draft in every way possible, and you have teams with a lot of trade assets. (Don't forget Free Agency happens after the draft.) Which only means one thing, it's time to speculate! Here are some scenarios that i think can or will happen on draft day, or before. Enjoy...

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The Greatest St. Louis Cardinal Trades of All Time

June 5th, 2010
The St. Louis Cardinals have acquired some of baseball's best players over the years; not every star can come out of the 13th round in the MLB draft like Albert Pujols. Here is a list of some of the smartest and luckiest Cardinal trades.

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