Franck Ribery Questioned In Pedophelia Investigation In France

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Bayern Munich's Champions League preparations for the Semi-Final with Olympique Lyonnais were thrown into turmoil when it emerged today that star player Franck Ribery is helping magistrates with their investigation following allegations of the player having underage sex with a call girl.

Two French internationals were questioned by the judiciary, with an as yet un-named player admitting to having had sex with the prostitute, but denying that he knew she was a minor.

The two players involved are believed to be Franck Ribery and Sidney Govou, although magistrate Yves Dando has yet to publicly identify the players involved.

German newspaper Das Bild went one step further today when they reported that Ribery was the player who admitted to having relations with the girl and that his wife has already gone public to say that she will help him through this time.

The investigation concentrates upon a well known Paris night club, frequented by certain French internationals after home matches. The club is suspected of employing prostitutes and has been under watch for some time.

Leading French newspaper L'Equipe reported on Sunday that a third French international player could yet be questioned in coming weeks as part of the same investigation.

Ribery and Govou were summoned by the investigating magistrate on Monday and if charged, could face up to three years in prison.

“My client had no other part to play in this matter,” Sophie Bottai, Ribery’s lawyer, said.

“Some personalities, including Franck Ribery and other players, have a relationship with someone close to the organiser of an escort girl network. It’s only because of this relationship that they have been heard by police.”

The inquiry could not have come at a worse time for Bayern Munich, the French international soccer team, and Ribery himself.

Bayern, as mentioned before, are on the verge of a Champions League final against either Inter Milan or Barcelona should they overcome Lyon.

There are only eight weeks left until the World Cup starts in South Africa and Ribery is one of Les Bleus' main players. Early reports say that Real Madrid have already pulled out of a proposed deal to sign the player.

Bayern Munich have instructed players not to comment on the breaking story, and it remains to be seen if this will impact upon the star as he begins one of the most important phases of his career.



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