NBA Rumors: How the Portland Trail Blazers Could Get Chris Paul

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There has been a lot of talk recently about the New Orleans Hornets potentially trading Chris Paul.

To acquire the man who is arguably the best point guard in the league, a team would have to give up an awful lot. That is where the Portland Trail Blazers come in.

The Blazers have the talent to entice the Hornets to move Paul. Here is a potential trade between the two teams.


Portland Trades:

Marcus Camby C

Joel Przybilla C

Andre Miller G

Jerry Bayless G

Rudy Fernandez G

Dante Cunningham F


New Orleans Trades:

Chris Paul G

Emeka Okafor C

James Posey F


Portland gives up a lot in this move, but it probably be worth it to add Paul to their "core four" of Roy, Aldridge, Oden, and Batum.

New Orleans gets rid of almost all of its bad salary and gets some good young players.

This would actually be a pretty tough one to swallow for Portland fans. Przybilla has been a great team member, Miller and Camby made huge contributions this year, and Bayless is a potential star.

Cunningham is a also a solid young player and Fernandez has a large fanbase as well, even though he looks like he is on his way out.

Portland takes on a LOT of bad salary in this deal, but even some of the extra players could help.

Despite their bad contracts, Okafor is a solid starting center. But in Portland, he could be a good backup for both Oden and Aldridge. Posey has championship experience and provides defensive and shooting skills. 

Although it would cost Portland dearly, this deal could help the Blazers become a perennial championship contender.

A starting lineup of Oden, Aldridge, Batum, Roy, and Paul?

Wow. The rest of the bench would be easy to fill.

New Orleans would save tons of money, and get a head start on the rebuilding process.

Miller and Przybilla have expiring contracts, Bayless, Cunningham, and Fernandez are good young players, and Camby could probably be traded later to a playoff team. 

This would certainly be a blockbuster trade, but it is something that both teams should consider.

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