Terrell Owens And Donovan McNabb Together Again? McNabb Hopes so

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The Washington Redksins have arguably had one of the best offseasons of any NFL team thus far.


They brought in Super Bowl winning coach, Mike Shanahan. They signed running backs Larry Johnson and Willie Parker. They have the number four pick in this Thursday’s draft. And they pulled off a somewhat one-sided trade to get a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Donovan McNabb.


So, what else is there to do?


How about amping up the wide receiver position?


Through the grapevine of the NFL, word has spread that Donovan McNabb is encouraging his new team to sign free agent wide receiver and former teammate, Terrell Owens.


How likely is this to actually happen?


Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t rule it out.


There is no doubt that the Redskins have already made some amazing offseason upgrades and are already going to be a contender this season for the NFC East.  So, why not go for the home-run with Owens to finish it off?


I know what you’re thinking.


“Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb together again? I dunno…”


Yeah, I remember how things ended up in Philadelphia as well as Dallas. Owens definitely has that wide receiver “diva” thing going on. But he is still a very good wide receiver.


Here’s something else to think about.


If he signs with the Redskins, he will be able to play against two of his three previous teams.


What more could T.O. want than to prove to Jerry Jones that letting him go was a mistake?


Even more so, how ironic, and outright funny, would it be to see McNabb and Owens playing together in Philadelphia?


In my opinion, it sets the Redskins up for exactly what they need to reach that high playoff level or possibly even the Super Bowl. And considering McNabb and Owens are both still ring-less, I think they would put aside their differences and simply do whatever it takes to win.


So, what are the downsides?


Well, let’s face it; Terrell Owens is Terrell Owens.


He makes it known when he feels he’s not getting the ball enough. He has been known to bring unwanted attention to the team he plays for. He is often loud within the media. The list goes on.


But after a season with the dreadful Bills, I have to think the prideful T.O. has been humbled.


He has learned what it’s like to be on a team where nothing goes his way. So, wouldn’t that make him grateful to be brought in by a team that has a real chance at winning?


Wouldn’t he appreciate having a friend at quarterback who he has played with before?


I think so.


Let’s just see if Mike Shanahan, Dan Snyder, and the Redskins fan core would agree as well.



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