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McGrady, Pistons agree to 1 year, $1.3M (AP)

August 11th, 2010
Tracy McGrady is getting a chance to rejuvenate his career with a team hoping for a rebound of its own. McGrady and the Detroit Pistons have agreed to a $1.3 million, one-year contract, a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the deal hasn't been announced.

James’ return to Cleveland to be Dec. 2 (AP)

August 11th, 2010
LeBron James' homecoming game is set for Dec. 2. The NBA's 2010-11 schedule sends James and the Miami Heat to Cleveland that night for the MVP's first game in Ohio as the visitor. Fans who watched the kid from Akron turn the Cavaliers into one of the league's best teams were irate when James went on national TV last month to announce he was leaving as a free agent.

Mean Joe Greene, A Champion In the Eyes Of Young People at North Texas

August 10th, 2010

You can judge the character of a man by the kindness he shows to young people who are aspiring to do great things.

When a person like Mean Joe Greene takes the time to visit the University of North Texas, it does so much for the young people who meet him.

One young lady wore a "Mean Green" t-shirt to class this summer. She was proud of her university. She was proud to tell me that a great NFL player attended North Texas. Once more, she smiled when she told me that she had an opportunity to meet Joe Greene in the fall 2009.

Since I am active writing about the NFL, it was a pleasant experience to talk with her. She told me how she felt when she saw that Greene takes time to visit her university and to support young people who love sports and education.

Here is her quote: may it touch the hearts of other players to continue to spend time with the next generation of young athletes. After all, you never know how much those visits and talks mean to them.

The Quote

Brittney Hudson                                                                                                                   7/1/10


"Upon signing my letter of intent to play basketball at the University of North Texas (UNT), I was unaware of how important Joe Greene was to the tradition of UNT athletics.

It was after I got familiar with the campus that I realized what a great influence he has on our athletic program.


One day on my way to practice, I passed by our football stadium and noticed there was a giant photo of him on the stadium that is visible from interstate 35. Throughout his career at UNT and in the NFL, Joe Greene was often referred to as "Mean Joe Greene" or just 'Mean Greene."


Well, eventually, our school took on his nickname to make it the primary mascot for the athletic program, making us the University of North Texas Mean Green, with green and white school colors.


I was awed at his (Greene's) credentials, but I was even more amazed that an athletic program was named in his honor.


I am glad to be part of such tradition because I know that someone before me achieved greatness while and well after suiting up in a UNT uniform.


It takes a special person to achieve the things Joe Greene achieved, but at least I know I am a step closer to greatness by following his foot steps competing for his alma mater."


Haynesworth works first full practice (AP)

August 10th, 2010
Albert Haynesworth returned to work as $100 million backup Monday, working at second-string nose tackle in his first full practice at this year's Washington Redskins training camp. Haynesworth put on his No. 92 jersey and blended with his teammates, usually lining up between defensive ends Phillip Daniels and Darrion Scott as he ramps up his education in the team's new 3-4 defense.

Detroit Lions Page: Are You Happy with the Changes?

August 9th, 2010

Looks like our Bleacher Report gremlins are at it again...while I am a person that embraces changes, I am also a person that doesn't fix what ain't broke.

I liked the comments that were listed on the side...kind of kept a conversation going in articles.

But what are you going to do? I woud have thought they would have paid attention to the areas that writers write and create slideshows. There are still some formatting issues and don't even think about cutting and pasting from a Word document.  And the spell check in the standard article works about half the time, and you don't even have the option of spell check in a slide presentation.

Say, wouldn't it be nice if you could create a slideshow in Microsoft Power Point and be able to upload it?  Then you can format it in a much better fashion.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the heck out of the Bleacher Report...but I just wonder sometimes why changes are made when there are other areas that need fixing?

Just askin...

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